However, many products claim to be both a wax and a polish.Can I protect my glass and wheels with the same product I use to wax the bodywork?For the best results, it’s worth having a specialist product for each surface. A rain repellent will help protect your glass, and there are some polishes to remove fine scratches, but you should never use a car wax on windows. Rims will benefit from a sealant, although dedicated wheel waxes are designed to cope with the heat of brakes..

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Replica Prada Handbags Once fully in place, the administration expects to collect $13 million to $18 million a year.But the big impact to taxpayers will come in the form of property taxes. As a result of a vote taken last year, city property taxes will go up by $109 million next year, with the revenue going into the pension funds for police and firefighters, and Chicago Public Schools property taxes will increase by $245 million, with most of that money going into the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund.Mayor Rahm Emanuel will preside over the Chicago City Council meeting. He’s scheduled to take reporters’ questions afterward.Emanuel proposes higher parking fees at O’Hare, Midway airports Hal DardickMost parking rates at the city’s two major airports would rise next year under Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s 2017 budget proposal.The increases were contained in a pair of ordinances the mayor introduced at Tuesday’s City Council meeting Replica Prada Handbags.

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